What is U3A?

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a not for profit worldwide educational self-help organisation.  It draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members to set up study groups and to organise recreational activities.

Are there special qualifications to join?

No qualifications are required to join other than to be retired or semi-retired … and there are no tests or examinations!

When did U3A start?

Established in Toulouse, France in 1972, the U3A movement spread rapidly world-wide.

The first U3A in Australia was established in Melbourne in 1984. There are now campuses in all states and territories with over 100 in Victoria. 

U3A Kingston

U3A Kingston started in 1994 and now has over 600 members and offers more than 50 courses.
Most courses are about 2 hours per week and there is no limit to the number of courses in which a member can participate.

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What does it cost?

As everyone is a volunteer we are able to offer a nominal Membership Fee with no Course Fees.
see Member page for costs.